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CBD Mango Haze Outside question

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So I have a beauty growing in a 3 gal pot outside. She is much bigger and healthier than the last grow i did inside. The stem is thick and strong and just one tie down and a couple of FIMs has got me a dozen tops. The fan leaves are as big as my hand!


OK, do i repot and let it get big big big? will it get bigger? 


will repotting shock the plant?


Should I continue to train it or just let it be itself now?


Do I need to put it into flower or will it do that on it's own? No pre-flowers yet. 


Our last grow yielded effective medicine, but had no taste. Will the taste be better outside?




I really appreciate the help.



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I'm in southern Oregon so my climate may be a little or a lot different then yours. Rule 1: once a plant goes outside, it stays outsides. if clones are taken from her, they go to a quarantine area away min 2 doors away from any indoor gr. I've never finished a plant outdoors in a 3 gal pot, they'd dry out quick here...my min size is 10 gal pot or bigger if I don't put them in the ground. imo, if you want a big healthy plant, you want healthy root-bound free roots.  When my plants go out, I put them in 45 gal smartpot or in the ground (holes that where dug holds 2.5 cu ft of composted cow poo and plants) and they are not transplanted again. I put microryza, fox farm marine cuisine in the hole , gently rub roots to encourage the roots to spread out. When I water I add miracle grow quick start with B1 to help with shock.  This is the only time I ever use miracle grow. I also transplants in the evening or on a cloudy or rainy day, to give the plant time to get settled in before the sun returns. I also use predatory nematodes to keep soil borne pest in check.



as for training that's up to you. I use and tomato cage and bamboo sticks mostly. I sometimes use small weights (fishing gear type) on the branches; they're removed b4 flower is finished or it gets too windy. or using my cover frame tie the plant up. From what I've noticed most plant want to grow up and bush out depending on strain, think the way your are trained be bushes. I grow most indicas or indica dominant strains


I let my plants naturally go into flower, might mean a later harvest from my area thats fine. if your north of me you may have more trouble with bud mold then I deal with. its very important to check your plants multiple times for any sign of mold/trouble during wet conditions, the more dense the bud more likely to happen if not careful.


hope this is helpful


Classy, sassy, and a bit of a smart assy

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If you transplant it now, by the time it came out of shock it would be the end of veg cycle and not get much bigger. If its in a cloth pot consider digging a hole in the dirt out side and dropping the whole plant into it pot and all.


Outside plants In my opinion never taste as good as an inside plant. Inside plants to me are always better, an outside plant (to me) just yields more,


Leave it outside, its still to early for it to start blooming here. You'll need to wait until the end of this month and into the middle of next month before those flowers come on.


Taste has to do with your final flush. outside you'll be able to flush more adequately. Finish up with pouring fresh titrated water after your flush and let it sit two more days before pulling it.


On training


I am going to keep training mine until I see those flowers coming on , and then Im done touching it.


NOW others are going to respond and many will have other ideas, It will be for you to pick one of them (or bits from everyones) and do what suits you best, Every grow is going to be different.


Again my chose is not to transplant. And let me know if its in a smart pot or a plastic container.

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Thanks! forgot to say I was in Southern California. It's hot and sunny. We have full sun until September, when the yard goes to full shade. Weird, I know. 


The plant is in a 3 gal plastic pot, the ones I use for my grow box. 

Putting it in the ground isn't possible as we have artificial grass...drought conditions here. 

45 gal is unfathomable! LOL I only have a small courtyard are in which to grow. Everything else is exposed to outside views. 


You can see a pic in my grow help thread. 


It's getting watered about every other day. I am still using veg fertilizer on it. 


I had some spider mites, but I think they are under control. 


I will just let it run it's course. I always want to check in though, because serious medicine is serious business, right?



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