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Health Food Scams

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Health Food Scams:




Natural Sweeteners

When reading nutrition labels to avoid health food scams, natural sweeteners are the second most sought-after item that people look for after determining what kind of fat is in the product. The truth, however, is that any type of sugar used as a sweetener is processed in the body the same way, whether it is natural or not.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to conclusively define what exactly constitutes “natural” food products, meaning that the moniker is more of a marketing tool than a truthful claim about the origin of the product.

Diet Soda

Drinking diet instead of regular soda may seem like a healthy compromise, but just because the word “diet” is on the label does not mean that the product is healthy or diet-friendly.

Sure, diet sodas may have less sugar and calories than their original counterparts, but they still cause weight gain and sugar spikes just like regular soda. This makes it confusing and harder to avoid health food scams.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Many juices claim that there are multiple servings of fruits or vegetables per glass. This makes consumers believe that they can get all of their nutrients from the juices. Liquefied produce has more nutrients per serving, right?

Not necessarily. Fruits and even vegetables naturally contain sugar, and extra sugar is added to the juice. Meanwhile, the most nutritious parts of the produce such as apple skin are removed in the juicing process.

While juice may be a good option for occasional consumption, all the extra sugar is not healthy and nothing beats the nutritional punch of a regular piece of fruit so avoid these health food scams.

Sea Salt

The recent craze for sea salt touts the product as a healthier, more natural alternative to regular table salt. The truth is that the body processes all salt equally, whether it is average table salt or gourmet sea salt. The popularity of this type of salt makes it an easy target for health food scams.

Sea salt can have the same negative effects, such as high blood pressure and heart complications, as other types of salt so it is best taken in moderation.




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