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Dabber Dan's one run QWET

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7 hours ago, P8ntxtremist said:

100 percent. I was standing across from the room from my friend when it happened. I kept the whipper for a long time to show people who didn't believe me. Yes the concave bottom completely ballooned out to a sphere. It made a very loud metal ping when it did. Yes it was stainless.

Was it a whipper or a Whippet? 


How did they manage to exceed 304SS's 20,500 psi yield strength?  IE:  Under what conditions did that happen??

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Let's scheme on how to destroy a brand name Whippet, so as to sidestep any issues of quality.  


Based on gas laws, the 0.6 in3 at 700 psi N20 cartridge that produces 14.5 psi when used in my 1 pint Whippet, would produce 700 psi if discharged into a completely full Whippet, with no headspace to expand in to.


Even less than 700 psi might exceed yield in the formed concave bottom and relieve the pressure through distortion and elongating before blasting off the lid and turning it into a bullet and the can into a torpedo, which would happen before the vessel wrapper reached ultimate tensile and ruptured. 


is there any possibility that serious overfilling may have been a factor in your failure?

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I recognize you are no longer in a position to check and see if your buddies overfilled the Whippet P8, and because I accept your veracity, I am going to infer that it played a major role.  Primarily because of the math if it did not.


Back to the moot part, excess pressure isn't required to see if the nitrous oxide laughing gas's presence during extraction improves concentrate's medicinal effects and I am currently setting up my next QWET run, so will set some aside to duplicate/emulate  my last experiment with the Whippet. 


I did only use one cart last time and my unit only accepts the small ones, so will use two this time.  Two won't actually double the pressure because even with a check valve, when you remove the first to install the second, you lose the volume of the first cart still at 14.5 psi.


The Whippet headspace already contained one atmosphere, so adding two atmospheres of nitrous oxide, is still a relatively dilute atmosphere.  The experiment might be better served by using a vessel that could be vacuumed first and then backfilled with nitrous oxide.  If tests showed any improvement, that is where I would go next.


That still leaves open the question of where we can get it tested beyond duplicating previous anecdotal testing where three testers agreed that it was "primo shit" extracted from primo bud.

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