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How do you clean your sticky fingers after harvest?

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I have found that Antibacterial Wet Wipes instantly removes remain not only frm hands but to trimmer and/or other utensils.Its great for cleaning your bowl. It also works on oil or wax residue. One wipe goes a long ways. Discovered totally by accident., but it works.



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I normally use iso swabs or a baby wipe, both do decent job but leave a smell behind. ill give the peanut butter a go next time I chop though, see if I like it better  and dog might like to clean up the hash pb when done lol


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I gotta add a little delightful side effect I just found....


Just jarred up my recent plant, and the sticky returned again,,,


So inta the kitchen, grabs me some peanut butter and rubbed off the resin ,, easy peasy...


Then ima looking at the soap, reach and think,,,, I really like peanut butter...


Sucked them fingers clean I did


Now got a kill body buzz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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No wipes they don't work take top layer off and leaves the yuk! All you need is either gloves like some do, this keeps bacteria off the buds and is part of what is tested, but my test are always low so how much of that matters, I don't know.  I use SKin so soft at the end, this takes all sticky off and you can just wash away the dirt with soap and water... THAT EASY! to take resin off the scissors you just take a lighter to them and it will wipe right off too!!

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