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First run of RSO

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Do you happen to know your starting weight? 

Garden of Dreams
In my garden there is a large place for sentiment.
My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.
The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.
     ~Abram L. Urban


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Back in June 2012 I discovered I had stage 4 prostate cancer and it had spread all over my skeletal system.

Not sure what was going to happen, sense I didn’t have health insurance the doctors loaded me up on pain meds, 8 different ones and while on them I couldn’t do nothing but sleep…..  One day a friend asked me if I had tried cannabis to see if it would help, I told them I had not but would try it if I had any. Well they provided me with some good stuff .. and the rest is history. I was able to do things I hadn’t in years...

I decided to grow my own with my wife’s blessings, so I put out the request for clones.  I got a reply and I got to meet a couple of very nice people.

Sean and crew have all been great and I feel if not for them and there caring generosity I may not have made it this far.  They provided me with some nice healthy clones and also asked if I wanted to try the RSO. Right after I started the RSO I began to feel better and better. So I knew one day I would have to start making it myself.

So here we are.  4/26/14 I started my brew...  My first grow did real well and I had a lot of trim from my harvest so with the trim and ½ lb bud I started in .  I used a stainless steel pot and wooden spoon to mix things up with also I ground up the bud.  When I tried pouring it out it did not want to go through a coffee filter so I used several layers of cheese cloth.  Pic 4 shows the results.  







Following what I read on a write up about Sean’s process I got a lil kettle to boil off the isopropyl alcohol.  Set it to 200º and left it there .

I checked the temp with a Raytech mini temp gun . Must have for autobody work .  It didn’t work like I would have liked  so out comes the meat thermometer 175º was what it showed..







I got started at 11am got done around 7pm.  I was happy with my results I didn’t think 6 ½ tubes was bad. The last couple of tubes I had to pack it in as it became too thick to suck up.  I didn’t use all I was planning to but have enough for another run later





Take Care and hope this helps someone else try it ..

God Bless



John 3:16

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Today I made my second batch of RSO . I did not do anything diffrent than the last time but had to take it one step further using a candle warmer to get the last of the alcohol out..did not take a lot of pic but will post what i did take later ..

God Bless



John 3:16

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