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PIF Review: Mango Papaya & Tropical Passion Blunt Wraps (by Rolling Paper Depot)

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LIke a Fig Newton?!  :bigemo_harabe_net-163:  That cant be good. 

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Do you think they were just old? I've found if I open a pack and use one, then next time I go to use the last it's either dry or stale. It's to get em in and out of the pack anyway.


Forth right review. I like it!

That, my friend, is an excellent question.  Personally, I don't think that they were old.  I tried to base my review on the blunts that I rolled, immediately after opening the package. 


I don't know how old the blunts themselves, were before I opened them, though. because they had no production date OR expiration date (I don't think they're required, but it's always a good thing to know). 


on previous occasions, I have experienced the dreaded 'dry wrap'. sometimes I have been able to resurrect them (usually by microwaving them inside a moist paper towel for about 10 seconds), and sometimes I have not.  


the doob tubes that were included, did their jobs pretty well, and kept the pre-rolled blunts fresh for days (but this was also one of the blunts that unraveled near the end)


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