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Product Review: Juicy Cuban Mojito Blunt Wrap

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Product: Juicy Cuban Mojito Blunt Wraps


Date tested: March 26, 2014






Comments: I am starting to see a pattern of inconsistency.  


The Texture of the Cuban Mojito wrap was very different from that of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, or any other Juicy Blunt wrap that I've tried.  It felt more like a brown paper bag than an incomplete cigar.  The consistency of the paper was almost identical to that of a Black n Mild




-As thin and papery as it was, it was a relatively easy wrap to work with.






The trough held pretty well during rolling and never showed any signs of collapsing under the weight of the plant matter. 


In similar fashion to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough wrap, the Cuban Mojito required a little extra saliva to get it to seal.  Usually, at this point you can pinch the end of the blunt wrap to seal it off and prevent any plant matter from leaking out the side.  This basic technique is extremely difficult to execute with these wraps, given the consistency and quality of the paper.





*I will admit that Cuban Mojito is a complicated drink to make, and must be an even more complicated flavor to capture.  The flavor of this blunt was palatable, and I enjoyed it; however, it did not taste like, lime, mint, OR Mojito. Furthermore, by the time I had smoked two-thirds of the blunt, there was no flavor remaining, whatsoever.





The first blunt had me pretty lit. So the second one went in to the Rolling Paper Depot Doob Tube




Kudo's to the guys at Rolling Paper Depot!! the Doob Tube held the blunt perfectly! Thanks to the nifty hollowed out Tube Tip,  I didn't have to clip off the edges or anything.




It was a perfect fit




Each One, Teach One   :vap_smiley::vap_smiley::vap_smiley:

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