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ShutterBuds by St0nA

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Gooood Morning...Good night....LOL.. Looks and sounds killer man. 

Disappointment is caused by unrealistic expectations. / The more I learn about people the more I like my dog. / Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right. / Its like everything it depends on everything else. 





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lol... you guys are funny.. that purp monster will be very nice lol... Stona you rocked that girl bro... A+++ run for sure.. you have skills my man both growing and photo...ill have to look back as id like to see the whole plant if theirs any shots.. if not id love to see the veg one if ya keep a cut... thanks bro.. cant wait for ya to toke it..

I will see what I can find for ya Kak, I dont have room to take good whole plant pics but I will see what I can get when these flower clones revert back to veg all the way.


Hey bro how was that sk/chemd..i still have some


Well the fem I got was an absolute freak with multiple main stems trapped inside of one and it really made for a weird lady, the cut I took is normal and just getting going in flower. I will keep you posted and put up some pics of the mutant later.

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Winding down for the summer, these will be some of the last fresh pics for a while. =(


Black Cherry Soda x C99...... indescribeable.




More to follow. =D



Well thats messed up. lol


This one should go in our new photo contest thread.


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