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OMMP PAY IT FORWARD Terms of Service

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TOS (Terms of Service) for private members.



A. Medication requests
     1: One medication request is allowed by the private members every two weeks. These will be filled in the order received and by locations, Medication is not always available to the members as there is no central supply, please see this post for more explanation.

     2: If and when your ommp card expires you must contact an administrator and tell them whether or not you plan to reapply.


     3: If you do not submit proof of membership in the States medical marijuana program after 90 days of expiration you will be subsequently removed from the private area. You will not be allowed back as a private member until such proof is given either by email with a digital photo or in person with a qualified staff member. This is something that will be strictly enforced with all members.


B. Clone requests
      1: All Private members may both ask for and offer clones to our private members.


      2: Only members in Oregon are allowed to give with one another, as some States do not allow the free transfer of plants to other members.


      3: You are allowed to have more than one clone request up at a time. All old clone requests not being “Bumped” will be deleted after the second notification,


C. Seed requests


      1: You HAVE to be carded members of our website.


      2: Any genetics received can not be sold.


      3: Only request seeds if you are planning on planting them in the near future.


      4: (no hoarding)


      5: PiF genetics should be kept in the MEDICAL community.


      6: Seeds are not to be given to anyone outside of our OMMP community,


D. Growers Requests


     1: To use this forum you must be a Senior Member of the community, with more than 250 posts.
     2: This forum can be used in two ways , Growers looking for patients and patients looking for growers.
     3: FreemygreenPDX does not negotiate these contracts or handle them in any way, this information is between grower and patient only.
     4: We ask that only experienced growers who can handle the space, time, and extra commitment a patient requires ,post here. If you cannot, please do not volunteer to grow for anyone , especially if you are not yet fully established yourself. This is an easy mistake.
     5: "A Good Fit" Please be aware that the first offer you get may not be the best fit for you, but then again, it might. make sure to be clear with each other of your expectations , amount, date of harvest, locations, growing methods,genetics etc.
     6: "Contracts" Contracts can be a very good idea, we have provided a sample contract in the gallery for you to use as an example, however we cannot enforce these contracts this is strictly between patient and grower.
     7: "Trolls" Staff here will work very hard at keeping out these types. Please inform admin if you believe there is someone who is trying to take advantage of you, or trolling for your card.. they may contact you via pm or otherwise, while this could also be a genuine offer, please check to see if they are a Sr. member, and use common sense as well as caution.



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