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Oklahoma man kills stepfather with 'Atomic Wedgie'

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Ya can't make this stuff up,,, an atomic wedgie gone horribly wrong,,,, lol


Oklahoma man accused of killing stepfather with 'atomic wedgie'

McLOUD, Okla. — A 33-year-old man in Oklahoma allegedly killed his stepfather after a fight over the holidays by yanking underwear up the stepfather's back and over his head so that the waistband was around his neck, authorities said.


Records show Brad Davis, of McLoud, was arrested Tuesday and booked into the Pottawatomie County jail on a first-degree murder complaint for the death of his stepfather, Denver St. Clair.


The police affidavit said he "grabbed St. Clair's underwear and gave him an 'atomic wedgie.' Davis allegedly pulled the elastic waistband of St. Clair's underwear over his head and around his neck."


Formal charges haven't been filed and there was no immediate listing in jail records for an attorney for Davis.


A phone message seeking comment with the sheriff's office was not returned Tuesday. No hearing has been scheduled.


A 10-page affidavit describes a fight that broke out Dec. 21 between Davis and St. Clair.


Davis told police in the affidavit that St. Clair tackled Davis into the kitchen area. Then, St. Clair hit Davis in the face several times before he could make it back to his feet, Davis told investigators.


Davis told police that he pulled St. Clair's underwear up over St. Clair's head, and later noticed that St. Clair was unconscious and called the police.


The state's medical examiner said Wednesday that St. Clair's cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head or asphyxia.


McCloud is just east of Oklahoma City.


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another source for the story...



I was a little happier thinking this was an onion-type story.


how was it 1st degree murder?  He wasn't robbing his step dad.  He wasn't trying to kill his mother, and killed his step dad.  and I am PRETTY sure that premeditated wedgies shouldn't be considered a lethal weapon....

Gotta love the south.

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That's a first ! Sounds like he wore some oversized undies to be able to get them around his neck and ass at the same time .

But if the guy is an ass it was probably pretty easy ......

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