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Quick QWISO question?

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Hi  Forum Moderator Graywolf,


We have a new member asking this about QWISO

If any of you have some hints, advises or tricks on this it will be much appreciated. I believe that it has to be done as a QWISO, as the contact time with butane might be too hard to control?
Anyway, once again thank you for the welcome,
Graywolf, congratulations on your new toy (the homogenizer). That thing looks as the thing to whish for, if you, like me, want to use PG.

Going on here "introduction thread"



Follow up


Graywolf, on 07 Jan 2014 - 04:52 AM, said:

    Cleaning your soap bar sort of depends on what it was cut with.  The cannabinoids that you seek are aromatic hydrocarbons, which can easily be separated from inert fillers, but not so easily from other hydrocarbons.

    If it is mostly dye and fat, dissolving in 190 proof ethanol and sticking in an -18C/0F  freezer for 48 hours, would most likely cause the longer chain fats to drop out of solution, where they might be filtered out.

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