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Retarded dawg

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Strain: retarded dawg pheno # 1





With flash








Genetics: snow dawg x handicap


Smell: smells like dank lemons kinda like a OG or trainwreck smell


Taste: less lemon in the taste but kinda tastes like sour diesel


Method of ingestion: the mystifier vaporizer


Inhale: very smooth and nice


Exhale: definite expansion as soon as u exhale nice taste to follow it out slightly after taste


Personal experience: nice all over body high doesn't hit u to fast but definitely kicks u in the face body's feeling pretty good nice pain relief combined with a nice creative head high feels like my eyeballs are getting sucked in lol nice stuff


Potency: 8.75


Method it was grown: indoor organic compost and benificial teas 4x4 tent under 600watt hps untopped


Comments: it was the freak of the girls but definitely stood out from the others powerful enduring high totally different smell and taste from the others I would have to say I still think this was my favorite now that I've had the meds wish it would of got kept around but it had some nanners and mutation So she was killed but no the less a great plant the stone is actually kinda a creeper even as I'm typing I feel it getting stronger :) good meds

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