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harvest ?s

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ok, i am nearing my 1st harvest and am starting to think trich color, strain stated flower time, and flush time. 


1.  how fast do trichomes change colors once milky?




ive heard people talk trichs and ive heard people talk flower times, but nothing as to how those coincide.  my a-flame is mostly milky right now and is at d41, set to flush beggining on the 25th for 10 days.  say they are at the 50/50 milky/amber on the 25th.  will they ALL have changed BEYOND amber and begin to break down by the time it reaches day 60? 

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Is the amber u see on the sugar leaf or the actually bud a flame I'm sure was a 8-9 week strain and that's right around 60 days I like between 10-30%amber with mostly cloudy but still clear so u get it all but that's just my preferance

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The decay of THC is accompanied by a change in the color of the resin from clear to amber. This is the other sign of ripeness that can only be determined by magnification. What you’re looking for is the point at which the production of fresh resin is still just barely outpacing the decay. It’s impossible to know the exact moment. You just need to keep checking and go with your gut. 30 power magnification is enough to make the call, but 100 power would be easier to see clearly. You can find a loupe online by searching for jeweler supplies on any search engine.

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ofcourse it depends on the strain...i usually harvest when there all cloudy...if i'm runnin

a new strain i'll take samples and see what i think...but with most strains 65 to 70 days

and there done...keep us updated...

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