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What do you use to store your half smoked joints?

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The dispensary I go to now I get prerolled since they aren't that expensive.  Even though this isn't my preferred method (I'd rather do edibles or even a vaporizer) I smoke maybe a half joint and I'm puzzled what to do to keep the remainder "fresh".  Yeah I'm a newbie to all this but I might as well ask all the dumb questions now right LOL?


Thanks, Gerri

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:) No question asked is dumb. We were all new to this once.


Here are some answers to this question from the net,

"pop it in an airtight jar, it'l last a while and cure, which is good. I'd suggest not wrapping it in tin foil.

Don't snap it in half. Just smoke half and put it out. Save the rest for another session. You'll most likely be high for 3-4 hours your first time. Remember to inhale and hold for 4 seconds and Enjoy!"


"Put it in a small baggy and roll the baggy up tight so the weed doesn't fall out somewhere then put it in your closet or something."


"Joints really dont have to be in an "airtight" environment to stay fresh. Unlike blunt wraps or just straight up blunts, joints dont dry up. I feel the setup you have with it now is pretty secure(you may be overdoing it). For the most part all it really needs to be in is a ziplock bag or something like that.

And if you didnt put a filter at the end, then by all means you can cut it in half. But make sure to use scissors and not just snap it to ensure it is a clean half.

And how high you will get all depends on the type of bud you put in the joint. If its some dank, then you will be stoned for a while, but if its just some regs or mids then it will be a good amount of time but nothing huge.

Happy Tokingwave.gif"



It shouldnt be anything to be worried about. Its not like its just going to lose its potency overnight...

ive smoked joints that have been rolled up for a couple of weeks."




"Don't snap it in half... you'll have one little joint with a roach, and one with none... then you cant smoke it.
Just put it out when you don't wanna smoke anymore.

Highs can vary with the type of weed, quality, and how good it is... and of course; how much you smoke.
Usually it lasts me around 3 hours or so. Then I burn out and need an energy drink. So unhealthy... but so good. tongue.gif

Hope this helped a little bit, have fun!"

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Guest Spliff

good answer there, EK.  I personally don't have an answer because I always smoke the whole joint!  :)


P.S.  welcome to the site, gerric.  :)

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i ve  got an old pop corn tin i save em in.....when its full i roll up the roaches inot new fatties and start the cycle over again...i had a man who used to take them from me, but hes passed on so now i smoke em.

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i prefer to smoke the whole joint as it has a better taste the first time around... But if i have to save half i usally knock off the ashy part real well and throw it in a jar or tin.






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