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Popeye's cloning method

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 Well why here I might as well share my two cents on the order of cloning from the top or the bottom . I think in general from observation that it really does not matter where the cut is taken as long as its not excessive in fiber , meaning to woody . I prefer my cuts to be green and soft yet as these will always root faster than a harder cut from further down the branch or plant .. 


 Most times not eveyone takes the newest growth of a branch may it be from the top bottom or side its still newer growth that we aim to strike and root .. I could cut a entire plant apart and load it all in my cloner and walk away .. The only cuts that would take any longer than the rest are the ones with a harder stem due to age .. 


 I am lucky though in a sense , I learnt much by working in Greenhouses and studying Botany , yet I learnt all the hard way in a closet by growing alone for 20 + years ...... Youll find after years and years of growing that most of the controversial subjects to be bullshit and worthless to even ponder upon ... 

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Yeah I.know what ur saying about flipping them.over to use the rapid footers and yes that's much.more successful but for the.method I do I need them to fit in the tray I have flipping rapid rooters over to.root clones I've cup cloned rockwool.cloned and aeroponic cloned I've gone around done my methods this one just so happens to fit nice and perfectly to.my style I didn't know root riots help family's tho that's good to hear I'm all about supporting a company that takes care of others as it tends to be what I try to do in my life

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