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Mystifier hash

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So I.thought I would post this some of u that have met me have also.met the mystifier well I wanted to give u some.knowledge u might not know the mystifer makes 5 different grades of hash the loading chamber is the fastest collecting approximatly 4 weeks depending.on.how much u medicate the loading chamber hash consists of red oil and small particles such as tricomes and other small debree which.gives it a interesting.consistency its gooey from the oil but the debree makes it pliable its pretty strong to about 5-6 hits and im feeling awesome

The lowest grade comes from the jar and takes the longest to build up some plants particles make it into the jar and collect to the oil thag is building up on the walls I try to clean.the debree from the bottom of the jar and clean all the walls it ends up very similar to the loading chamber hash just a lil less potent ones of the.more potent hashes u can.collect I call cork hash simply because it.comes off the cork it takes a while to build up a decent ammount approximatly 3-4 months it comes out.looking almost like finger hash but suprisingly more gooey very good taste as you move.back out of.the cork there the mouth piece where u attach the bag this is.slow to.build but creates nice red honey oil with very lil debree this section I.typically will use a toothbrush and 99% isopropyl or whole grain alcohol and let its drip out into a pyrex tray that is very.potent oil and the last.kind.of hash.is the wonderfully pure red honey oil I collect from my bags mike has tested his before and it came back 54.6% thc I.use a spray bottle and iso or whole grain for this I.remove my.bag spray the walls down and rub them together until all of the oils been collected in a pyrex dish I love how many things the.mystifier give back.to.me.just from.medicating.myself and only two of those hashes require any kind of solvent the first 3 I never use solvents for I hope u enjoy the new knowledge

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