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Blackberry Kush

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Name: Blackberry Kush


Type: imho she was showing about a 65%/35% Sativa dominance.


Genetics: Genesis 1:29 cut.


Bag Appeal: Some of the frostiest meds I have seen in a long time. Crystals came on in the 3rd week of flower.


Smell: STRONG skunk with almost a pepper like scent.


Flavor: Earthy, hashy, organic, lol.


Effects: "We are NOT Doctors" Straight to the brain.



I must first off say this strain will NOT be leaving my growroom anytime soon. She is a keeper. She cloned very easily in rockwool and in the aero cloner. Very vigerous in veg room and stayed a nice light green even with regular feedings. She responded to topping and fimming techniques very well. I anticipated full on topping would stunt her growth a few days but it didn't happen. She didnt skip a beat. I eventualy had to use the stem crushing technique to keep her from overgrowing my veg room awaiting thier turn in the flower rooms, lol. Super fat stalks with some nice ridges. Very vigerous plants.


Flowered them without an issue. They didn't skip a beat going from veg to flower as many strains do. They did stretch a little more than I expected but that was ok. Structure was a little more Sativa but that gave those rock hard golf ball nugs room to ripen fully. Frost came out during the 3rd week in flower. By the end of week 6 the larger bud leaves were covered on both sides. I harvested some at day 50. The sugar on these plants is out of this world. Reminds me of the originol White Widow or the oldschool Sugar Shack. Trichromes were cloudy with some amber coming in. 80% red hair. I am going to push a few plants further to see what it does to the potency and yeild. The yeild looks to be good as the nugs are rock hard, but ya just never know.


The smoke went straight to the brain in a positive way and became very giggly very fast, Instant cottonmouth. Was not a creeper in anyway. Although I would not push to hard to find a celieng. I didnt see one in the near future. Smoke responsably or you may be ib for a serious ride :). It hit the front instantly, right behind the eyes. Relieved lower back pain instantly also. I tried my best to focus on a task, and it was just impossible. The giggles kept coming on, lol. This reminds me of smoking as a teenager. A very good anti-depressant imho. I noticed the pain relief lasted for the better part of the day. The head high was super clear after the first 30 minutes of laughing. I think the strain should be renamed as "Marriage Counseling" lmao. No way to argue while using these meds. I would give her an 8 for an overall rating. A 9 possibly if her yeild is above average.


I'll post pics tomorrow evening.


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Great review :)



Here's a few shots of some of the BBK I ran. Same exact cut.

She is great anywhere from 50-70 days or so. The longer you run her, the more purple it gets ...and the more berry flavor she gains. The effects also changes quite a bit going from very sativa dominant @ 50-55 days, to showing more of her indica side with a much more balanced high at 70+ days. For me the exterior of the nugs loosened up a bit as she grew older, but I found it to kill nerve pain much better with age.

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Meh, never worry about how the pics look. They can be deceiving.

Mine actually look funny as hell - she always started loosening up on me when I ran her much beyond 55 days, almost resembling morel mushrooms.


The Blackberry strains are my gf's favorite, which is the only reason I ever grew it more than once. I HATE HATE HATE growing that plant. It is in fact good meds and has amazing "bag appeal", but the growth pattern and weak branches are a huge turnoff for me.



BTW the leaf in my avatar pic is Blackberry as well. Different cut though.

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