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Quick Pollination 101...

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Didn't see anyone writing on this,,, so here we go,,,,

I really like open pollination,,, set momma and daddy together, indoor or out and let them do their thing,,, lots of possibilities in expression, a multitude of genetic from the mating,,,

Upwards to 8 thousand seeds can be had,,,

But, who really needs 8K seeds? I want just enough so I put my girls in flower, 2 pheonos of Banana Gum, Hot Dam momma to a little dusting.

My friend gave me a DJ short Blueberry male branch, well structured medium size male, Blueberry fit the profile of a good F-1 ,,,,

First, took the branch and stuck it in a cup of water, downstairs, not close to air movement, away from plants and let the branch drop pollen...

I collected the dry pollen, placed in a glasine envelope, for stamp collecting, sort of like wax paper,,,

Took a Q-tip and dotted the pistils on a selected mid plant branch, tied a green pipe cleaner to designate the branch as pollinated,,,

Pollinate when you have time to let the seeds mature, count breeder harvest window for the strain,

deduct 35 days,,, that will be the latest viable seed pollinating date, so between flower set and then, ya gotta spot her or the beans may be immature at harvest.

At cutting, set your pollinated branch aside,,,, (marked with green,,,,)

Then pop the beans out of the enlarged ovary, mature beans will have the brown imprint of the ovary,,, stripes are just that, imprints!

And here we have shucked beans of the mating of August 16th, taken at 35 days from pollination and at end of life for the plant,,,,


80 beans,,, from one partial branch pollination,,, simple procedure,,, a good mating of desired traits....

Blueberry Banana Gum!



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Awsome Tutorial Brother ..


Thought I would note as I did not see it above , Water is a breeders best friend when pollinating branches or single plants in a multiple plant facility .. H20 will render all pollen useless once wet .. The small and large level breeders will often uses a H20 spray bottle to mist the plants or branches that are not intend to be pollinated.. Spraying down all that is not intended to be pollinated is a good idea as well if you are not able to control the pollen ..


I have seen a sweet pollination room in a big agriculture greenhouse facility I worked at , it was surrounded by a water curtain to ensure no pollen escaped .. This practice has been rumored to be employed by some of the large seed companies

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Thanks Lil E!


Most excellent advive my brother!


If anyone ever has to stop seed development dead in it's tracks,,,, I got a cure that is cheap......


For my dotting, using a Q-tip instead of a brush, turnin off the fans, hold envelope mostly shut.... anal about it!


With a paint brush, I dropped pollen and had extras,,, the Q-tip rules,,,,


Maybe recycle and clean the ears after,,, multi use?



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For the last of my small pollination from the little bit of pollen from the branch in my first post, is the last cross I made, I hit Hot Dam with Blueberry,,,

So here is my Dam Blueberry seeds, 32 look imprinted, one dropped on the floor in the carpet and 4 white ones, I won't count on...

Total seeds 195 viable,,,,,,

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Great postorial! ;) Timing & being very careful is what i had to learn the hard way...ffs 500 seeds and not many viable. hehe PeAcE

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