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Kidney Disease: Cannabis Cream Effective Treatment for Pruritus


IACM via BBSNews 2005-12-11 -- Researchers of the University of Wroclaw, Poland, investigated the effects of an ointment with structured physiological lipids and endocannabinoids in 21 patients with pruritus due to end- stage failure of kidney function.


So-called uremic pruritus is still a common symptom in patients with end-stage renal failure. However, there is no effective treatment for this condition. All patients applied the tested cream twice daily for a period of three weeks. Global pruritus and dry skin were examined before the trial, on study visits at weekly intervals, and two weeks after completion of the study.


After 3-week therapy pruritus was completely eliminated in 8 patients. Dry skin was significantly improved. Researchers noted that "it is very probable that the observed decrease of pruritus with the test product therapy was not only the result of dry skin improvement but that the addition of endocannabinoids may have also played a role."


SOURCE: http://hightimes.com...s/ht_admin/2819






State OKs medical marijuana for chronic kidney failure


By Carol M. Ostrom


Seattle Times health reporter


The state has added chronic kidney failure to the list of conditions for which medical marijuana is permitted under state law but has rejected petitions to add Alzheimer's and neuropathic pain.


In approving chronic kidney failure, the state Medical Quality Assurance Commission said it was convinced that nausea caused by dialysis could be helped by marijuana. But it noted that using marijuana could also jeopardize a renal-failure patient's eligibility for transplant or have other adverse effects and that patients need to be informed of that when a provider authorizes them to use marijuana legally.


That petition was brought by Kenneth Lachman, a dialysis patient.


For neuropathic pain, the commission concluded that the term is so broad it might include some disorders that would already qualify, and others that don't. The request to include it was made by Dr. Sunil Aggarwal on behalf of the Cannabis Defense Coalition.


For Alzheimer's disease, the commission said there was insufficient scientific or anecdotal evidence to support the contention of Kemp LaMunyon Sr., an Eastern Washington medical-marijuana advocate, that it could help prevent the disease in humans.


For more information: www.doh.wa.gov/hsqa/medical-marijuana/default.htm.


Medical Marijuana for kidney failure? just about a year ago( october 12 ) i was diagnosed with MPGN , a type of kidney failure.i i was in really bad shape i went from 180 pounds to 105 in about a month. had congestive heart failure and Ceedif, a type of stomachc virus,also have neuropathy which causes serious tingly, shocking spasms in my feet. i was malnurished because i couldnt eat. i was retaining water in my legs and my stomach. ( spelling is bad sorry ). but i strted smoking pot again in june and sincce then i have gainned back 50 pounds, and have been doing very well. ive been in remission ever since i strted back up again. I was just wondering that if i was to talk to my doctor , would i be qualified for a medical marijuana card.( nnow i live in Pennsylvania whichc i know they dont have but i would still like to know if i was. i looked it up online but i couldnt find anything on kidney problems). So if anyone is in my same position or knows if i coucld get it id appreciate some input .


thanks more


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