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Simplicity In Cloning On A Budget.

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This series is an old one,,,


But a good basic on the cheap way of cloning for novice.


I am a re-purpose kind of person for those of you that do not know, love to tinker and figure out how to do something with what is on hand rather than removing dead Presidents from my wallet.


I was an outdoor seed grower, no need to clone my cannabis, I ran a strain from the 70's with little interuption or need to get another strain,,, rock solid, we grew seed plants selected from outdoor starts in separate locations, two plants out every ten or twelve years. The source of the seed remains dear to my heart in 1977.


After seed plants were stolen, came online and indoor and decided that a Jamaican seed that I brought back from Negril was gonna be a good one to start, so I got one girl from 3 beans and I cloned her.


Here she was... Momma (She sired 145 offspring, but this was the first plant after cuttings...)




I went to the pantry and we had a stack of aluminum roasters with plastic lids from a dollar store or something, so I got a tray and lid, about two dollars, my Shulze's Indole 3- Butryic Acid cloning powder from the barn, some perlite without additives, a razor blade and set about to wacking off four lowers from my Jamaican.


I put a hole in the tray, about 3/4 inches up on the side, that would be my high water mark, then I filled the pan with perlite, and added water until it came out of the hole. ( I never added another drop )


I set the tray under an 18WATT single small flourescent light, about 2700K iirc, about a foot over where the lid would be on a shelf.


clone1 (1).jpgclone2.jpg


I took the cuttings and placed in a cup of water. Two were cut at 90 degrees, straight across the stem, and two were cut at a 45 diagonal with my blade.


Dipped in water, into the powder and placed in a pencil size hole I made in the perlite, put in the cutting and pushed

the wettened perlite up against the stem to hold them up.




I stuck em under the light with the lid on and misted once a day with my tap water...


About 5 days later, a slight pull on the stem gave resistance, on the 7th day I yanked em up and found the proliferation of roots was much greater on the diagonal cut stems.


CLONE2 (1).jpgCLONE1 (2).jpg


Here is one of the clones from her the following summer outdoors,,,




Cloning is so hard... 7 dollars I reckon for the set up and execution including powder, and the indole 3-butryic has another use in our gardens,,, but will save that for another day.


Hope this helps someone....


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Hi Members;


I have always grown from clones. I was told by a caregiver that they found three seeds in a plant we recently cured. What causes this? And should I be worried?




Self seeding is a preservation trait that can show in some genetic mixes. I do not find it totally out of the question to find the random seed in my run, it happens!


If the apical tips ( bud structure ) remained female with normal retraction of the stigma into the calyx and no male flowers emerged during the run or another male was present or in the proximity, and the clones have been fine, I would not worry.

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nice little tutorial, pete. there are so many ways to clone. i haven't found one that does not work! today, i clone in my standard growing mix in small mesh hydro pots (easy to watch the roots develop) set inside clear safeway croissant boxes. i too like repurposing.

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Guest weedwhat

Good run down Pete. The clones I have in my DIY cloner box majig are still alive after 4 days so I reckon I'm doing something right!

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Guest weedwhat

aand now they all look terrible, still standing up but all the bottom leaves are dying. No rooting at all seems to be taking place.....need to get a heating pad or something.

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