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Field testing the Extract Craft EtOH Pro

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While I participated in beta testing Extract Crafts Turbo vacuum still back in 2016, alas I missed that opportunity when they were beta testing their EtOH Pro unit, so imagine my joy and amazement when I got a shot at testing their production unit.


The opportunity came at a propitious moment, because we no longer have the skunk pharm research lab and it is now a Class B felony locally to extract using LPG outside a licensed and permitted facility. 


As a consequence, despite owning BHO extraction equipment, I again joined the ranks of home extractor seeking viable safe legal affordable solutions and reviewed this equipment in that light.


“Is there an advantage to this over a simple countertop still like the Megahome still or a simple DIY pot still?”    


“Is this a unit that would serve my needs when serving as my own resource for meds?”


My motivation was my need to extract this year’s C-99/NL harvest, as well as some Canna Gooey material I have been curing in jars since 2017, so I chose the still legal QWET process using 190 proof ethanol and the EtOH Pro allowed me to extract my two material lots in fifteen (15) half gallon runs.  A reasonable trial…….


Read more:  https://graywolfslair.com/index.php/16-commercial-equipment/16-2-equipment-tests/16-2-6-testing-the-extract-craft-etoh-pro

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