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What it takes to become a grower

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So you're deciding rather or not to become a grower or even if you can grow. The good news to this is yes you can become a grower. I am sure by now you have read many post on the subject On other Post on the forum. We are very fortunate to have many excellent growers on this site who are willing to help teach you. I'll give you this quick tip on learning much faster if you are brand-new to growing and you do decide to take a mentor do yourself a favor. Follow and do what your mentor tells you and do not bring other growers opinions into the conversation he/she is the teacher Keeping this in mind will take you far.


So you've decided I have the room I have the money to get everything I need but have you decided rather or not you have what it takes to become an excellent grower so I have come up with the three D's of gardening to help you determine rather or not you should grow the first D of growing is Desire this one you have covered or you would not be reading this post so that's an excellent start the second D of growing is Dedication Ask yourself, Do I have the time on my hands to devote to gardening it is a lot work but done right pays off big and saves you money in the long run lots of money saved if you're a devoted smoker LOL. The last D of gardening is Determination Without it you will not go far. So ask yourself this What kind of determination do I have within me to learn how to grow. There will be times you have to garden when you're frustrated, not feeling well, and when you don't want to. You have to have the determination it takes to get past these things doing so will only lead to your success as a gardener.


So there you have it the three D's of gardening. Desire-Dedication-Determination. 


If you are already a grower your input is most welcome. If you are just figuring out rather or not to grow I would love to hear if you found this helpful. My goal here is not to hinder you but quite rather to help you Succeed with the 3D's and if you have any questions feel free to ask myself or someone else will be happy to assist you good luck and happy gardening.

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