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A leap of faith in my bending abilities the next level

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Many years ago I started growing in a grow tent that measured 4 foot 6" x 4' 6" x 7', this of course gives you a limited amount of space to grow in so I started looking closely in their space not being used by growing my plants oversized I can bend out to the walls and up Them with no problem and then coming back in across the ceiling thereby using more space getting plants larger and maximizing yield. I wish I could give you a picture of this however one is not available right now. I will post the results. Oh and if anyone thinks they know something about what it is I'm doing and have some tips would love to hear them.


It is also important that I put the plants in a row down the center so I can bend out to the sides as opposed to using the triangular pot method. I gained space and I'm going to utilize it.

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