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Oh sing, sing me a song! All together now!!!

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Now what I am basing this post on is by no means anything new. In one very well-known experiment plants were grown accompanying them with music. While other plants were grown with none. Everything else was the same for both plants with one exception of course some got music others Silence.


I propose we do our own experiment with growers such as myself who have never done this experiment before. The other thing that makes this post interesting is the fact that I do not listen to music at all!, Anyone who knows me is aware of this. It started in school I was in music class and given an instrument the drums well drum anyway. I couldn't help it if all I knew was how to hit it like a caveman. Long story short I was soon kicked out of music class. I guess I just wasn't the musical type. Later in life my teens I had a stepbrother who crammed rock 'n' roll down my throat and I despised him for it. So now many many years later I still do not listen to music. But this old dog can learn new tricks. Let's select some songs were types of music that I will play for my plants and myself I want to see what benefits my plants again as I know approximately what to expect out of them I would definitely be able to see the difference if any. This may lead to my liking music and perhaps a whole new world opened up for me. If my plants like it I'm going to love it I also want any of you out there who have not done this, Experiment to join me in this quest.


I would like to also hear input from the growers who have done this or who are currently still doing this .It would be wonderful to have your input.


So hit me with it give me your best shot what is it that my plants and myself will listen to? And what changes will occur in both. So my experiment slightly different as a person is added into the mix. Think of it as a kind of musical gardening therapy. For that's exactly what my Grow room is a place of therapy. So without further ado let's proceed Shall we. With my plants 30 days in flour

It is the perfect time to start as I know approximately what to expect being so familiar with this strain. And I would like to thank everybody for your participation

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Currently I am playing Christmas music to my plants 24-7 if the weight exceeds my normal range then I will know rather or not it worked. Even though I stuck the music in 30 days I should be to get better results just the same actually I don't know yet if anybody knows please tell me thank you

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