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What equipment do I need to run a garden???

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So you're wondering what you need to start a marijuana garden, well no worries we all had to start from ground zero. There are two ways for you to start up a garden the first way the way I began get a single light and a single pot and a timer then get the rest as needed. This method in my opinion is a mistake but you're welcome to try. The other method is to purchase all of your equipment and everything you need to get you through your first harvest. When I had to shut down and restart that's how I started with everything I needed before hand so this is what I recommend hope you learn from my mistake LOL so now that we have that straight let's take a look at what is needed to start a successful soil based garden.


I will assume you have gardening space so without further ado the list: gardening pots with drain pans and to clone boxes, lights for veg-4 foot shop lights Two of them Also a workbench measuring 2' x 6' workbench for your cloning and juveniles Now either Use eyebolts on studs in the ceiling or make a 2" x 2" trellis to suspend the lights from. To actually hold and suspend the lights you will need light fixture cams this includes for all lights to Per light. Start 1 gallon pots juveniles I use  12 now onto the next page which we call teens you will need  four : 2 to 3 gallon pot per plant you will Also need one 4' x 2' foot four bank T-5 Light fixture As well as one in 2' x 4' T-5 Now for your flower room if you don't have one you are going to need a grow tent I recommend a 4' x 6" 4' x 6" x 7' make sure to get mylar as the reflective material and avoid any tents using PVC. Now for what you need to flower you will need a light source I recommend a 600 W HPS with a Cool tube or Hood in a six-inch you will need a ballast to run the light this also must be 600 HPS. Also needed is a timer. Now that you've gotten all this stuff included in the Mix is two in-line fans Size 6 inch and to correspond with the rest of your equipment We are also going to need an adequate supply of 6 inch Ventilation tubes. Need a piece of plywood to fit in your window with an intake and an outlet and weatherization fome to seal the window. Oh yeah the tubing should come with callers if not you will need a supply them for should do. Bamboo gardening stakes, prooners Room thermometer with humidity reading the dehumidifier you can get away without I do air conditioner can also do without I do I did not in the beginning what kind of climate you are in will determine the need or not.  Also if you can draw air from a source of shade Or not And other variables Not to concern yourself with in the beginning.


Now for actual gardening  you need Good soil ocean forest is good, a nutrient line to include grow micronutrients bloom or flour can be said both ways. Hydrazine sorry can't spell it nor can I say it well enough for my speech recognition hopefully someone will step in with the proper spelling and know what it is


There are many other things people can get to garden it is endless as you will learn. Happy gardening to you I may have missed a few things but I assure you this is more than enough to get you going happy gardening any questions get back to me know someone starting up refer them to this if you have some input please do so thank you and good day



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