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Indoor trouble-free gardening on shoestring budget

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What if I was to say to you I can make  all of your gardening problems go away as far as pest and fungus are concerned (well I can't) however the good news is I can teach you how to do it! When I began to grow I had very little money to speak of most people with my income who try to grow generally wind up not doing very well as they can't afford the treatments and other cost involved in gardening in doors. I have been in many Gardens And I noticed the problems These gardens were having To deal with. I looked at what they all had in common and the most common cause for gardening difficulties when it comes to bugs and fungus was and is these rooms were all filthy providing everything bugs and fungus need to set up home, my garden was no different. I also could not afford the pesticides. So I decided to make my grow room as clean as possible so neither bugs or fungus would like it . I cleaned my walls I cleaned my equipment from the ceiling right down to the floor if it wasn't grow related out it went. Picture your garden as an oasis in a sterile lab. I treated my garden for one final time and started to filter my air intake with a HEPA filter that can be cleaned and used over and over very inexpensive when you compare cost to preventative maintenance. The result was a grow that I did not need to treat for over 10 years. Right up till I shut down no problems. You will still encounter nats unfortunately they come with the soil fortunately you only need a fly strip. You can also save money on the number of fans you use. It is said that you should have enough airflow in your room that the leaves on your plant are moving. That requires use of numerous fans which all cost money to run. If I understand correctly the reason is to discourage bugs from taking up home. But if the bugs aren't there to begin with you don't need the fans. But you do need adequate airflow. I am currently running my room on just one six-inch in-line fan recycling it using it to heat my home saving even more money. What I am telling you is a secret!!! Don't say a word!! LOL. Also remember Gardening problems Are hitchhikers so always go into your room in fresh clean clothes anything that's been outside is contaminated when it comes to clothing. Also handling pets is a no no sorry to be a hard ass LOL it's all for the benefit of you and your garden give your dog a bone and tell him or her I said sorry

Let me know how this works for you having problems after doing this I will take a look see help you put your finger on it if at all possible. 

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