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where art meets science.

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We oftentimes hear that growing is an art and science, most often the science is spoken of but what about the art. This is where art meets science 


It all began for me when I started growing in a grow tent measuring 4'6"x 4'6"x 7'0". It was a limited amount of space that I had to work within flower. I was running three plants in flower.  But as you already probably figured out it was choking themselves out. I needed a solution to the problem. So I learned how to grow my plants square with rounded edges of course. So I started cutting them back as soon as possible to produce 4 limbs done correctly you will have a plant with four limbs Starting Just about 2 inches above the roots. Then I had another problem I had a ceiling of 7'and I use a 6-inch cool tube so now I only have a 6'6" height limitation I wanted my plants to be big so I would take those four stocks and bend them out the word to the outside 15-gallon pot And Secured the limbs to bamboo stakes 4'0" now the plan has all the stock of a large plant and all the lower limbs are cut off as the plant grows maintaining a 16 to 18-inch canopy. The advantage you have now is that you can put the stocks anywhere you like. So that the colas get the best light. This requires you to bend and shift until you have a canopy and rows of tops to become colas. All done from yo-yos from the top of the tent Attached to 1 x 2 slats secured to the tent frame with zip ties. Coffee cup hooks will hold your yo-yo in place anywhere you like thereby allowing you to pull the plant into the desired position That you wish you wish. Just by pulling in the right direction from the top. This is the first step in learning how to bend and break. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to this post. In my next post, I will go more in-depth about bending breaking shaping, etc. etc. I will give you a list of items needed to accomplish this growth style. Before you know it you will be doing your own artistic expression in the stocks of your plans it really is a kind of living art and you have to experience it in order to fully appreciate the art form.





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Now that I let you look under my girls skirt ( hope you are turned on LOL) I will speak a bit about the canopy.


Of the people live actually allowed in my garden, the one question that stands out to me is how are you getting such large colas under a 600 W HPS. So I happily explained to them that it is not only my work under the skirt but it is also the manipulation of the tops so they all get equal light on as many sides as possible. What you are attempting to do with your tops is to put them in row's while it is difficult to get the row's  perfect you will soon improve with practice. It is great fun to manipulate the plants and what occurs is quite amazing. When you are bending and manipulating The plant sends out its healing properties which also carries growth hormones to reproduce and make up for the damaged areas. One would think all this bending and twisting would do the plant harm and have a negative effect on the outcome. However it does not  the opposite is true your colas Get huge, And believe it or not , also seemingly makes the THC stronger. ( is that possible you ask?)  well yes seemingly so I discovered this by accident. I was growing my plans and smoking from harvest to harvest and it seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. The day would come come a that I would have to shut down due to my motorcycle accident. So years later when I started to grow again I didn't begin right back in With bending and breaking.  I started off simple like I did in the beginning with the same exact strain which a good personal friend of mine Eddie Kirk saved for me I can't thank him enough for returning this outstanding Strain to me. Anyway as I was saying when I grew them just as an ordinary Bush my colas were no longer huge and the end product been seemed Not near as strong. Am I wrong? I really don't think so. Don't believe me try it yourself and help me prove my theory. You will not be disappointed.  (Please get back to me on this As I would like to know your results)Was it stronger? Is my belief that this is going to be the one time I enjoy saying I told you so LOL. Happy gardening on my next post I will speak to you Of the tools and supplies needed To do your own bending and manipulating. I like to think of my grow style as a kind of freestyle bonsai technique Done with marijuana rather than the traditional bonsai plant. Take that Japan LOL I do ponder if this is an insult to their bonsai practice or rather it's a compliment LOL. I hope it is complementary to our neighbors across the pond.

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