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Do you see what I see do you hear what I hear?

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When I take a look around and listen to the people, I hear great disappointment in regards to our own government. I'm not into politics per se. But I will tell you what it is I believe I'm seeing. I have seen the rich get richer while the poor get poorer of course. We also have seen our basic human rights slowly disappearing, when I was in school we did the Pledge of Allegiance. I was told the reason they removed the Pledge of Allegiance from the schools, was the fact that God was mentioned and they didn't want to force students to hear that. What I believe they didn't want the students to hear and understand is the phrase liberty and justice for all. When you have a legal problem you should not have to pay an attorney. It is our justice system paid for by our money we have the right to use our judicial system but only if you have money the poor in this country cannot have injustice. I know this to be true from experience. What I would like to know is why the people are not putting the government in place. The way I see it government is all about business and No longer about people. Dollars before people is the order of the day. Make me president the government would change into a government for the people by the people and ruled by the people and truly justice for all not just the rich who can afford high expense attorneys to lie and cheat their way out. My adviceIs to take back what is ours before it is totally gone forever. And remember this True basic human rights if they are in fact rights cannot be removed from a US citizen ever unless of course in jail but once term is served all rights are returned just a thought. The justice system should have a debt paid law once you've been through your punishment nothing can be held against you any longer nor will it be public once you've completed what has been assigned to them. I want to hear all of your complaints I will get the popcorn out role some joints and get down to work. What's on your mind?  Oh yeah my prediction is that if we don't step up now we will be working slave wages and have no rights whatsoever unless you are in a certain income bracket. If this sounds fun You need to do nothing

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Since all politics is "local', then can we assume the "government" you reference is the local city/county/state government variety; not federal (Washington DC)..


If one measures the quantity of personal encounters (you know the actual "face to face" or "email to email" interactions) with "government officials", local wins hands down. Most of us file our income tax return (OK, we send something to the IRS and sometimes they send something back, but less than one half of 1% (0.5%) of taxpayers are actually audited. Another federal agency that reaches into our pockets is the Social Security Administration (that FICA tax thing); some of us receive supplemental/disability (SSI/SSDI) benefits and some of us receive retirement benefits (normal SS). We can thank "state's rights" for not having a nation of "one size fits all"...lol, Medical Cannabis is a good example, Feds say no and majority of states say yes. Our lives are effected more by local/state government than the Feds.


To demonstrate my point--how many encounters have each of us had with the Federal Government? Excluding Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, Census and Veteran Affairs. I submit for most of us, the answer is zero. Some believe the Monster is that faraway gang called Federal Government...when really its here at home.


Cue up Monster by Steppenwolf

And some of us believe the real Monster is our fellow brother and sisters...because of a particular trait inherited from our parents (race/color of our skin). We can choose our friends, but we can not choose our birth parents, and the color of our skin.


Economic freedom is a choice. Some choose to work for slave wages (because its easier) and others take the more difficult path and work for themselves. Personal freedom, personal choice.

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