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Graywolfslair blog site open

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Graywolf's Lair, LLC cannabis blog site is now open and enjoyed over 1000 hits our first day.  Oriented toward support to not only medical cannabis patients, but commercial processing as well, with guest authors.  


Bon appetite!  https://graywolfslair.com/

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Will you include extraction discussions using food grade solvents (ethyl alcohol)? Particularly, processing at low temperatures (below 100°) to capture all the cannabinoid "a's" (THCA, CBGA, CBNA, etc.)


I know ethyl alcohol is low yielder (maybe 40 grams per pound of flowers) and is not very efficient, but my focus is 100% medicinal and second guessing which solvents FDA will prescribe when medicinal cannabis products are regulated by the Feds. Past sessions of reading chicken bones, tea leaves, crystal ball says: "hydrocarbon solvents will not be permitted for medicinal products"; besides the purging process (heat) destroys the "a's" and terpenes.

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