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I need a strain for depression

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I put your question out on Facebook.  (Not your name) follow along.



Animal cookies

Sour diesel

Blue Dream, dogwalker

Super Silver Haze, Durban Poison, and Thai are a few that come to mind.

Blue Dream/Lemon Diesel

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Years ago, I grew Chocolope and it was a hit at the dispensary that sold my flowers. Lady patients loved it. They say it helped with PMS, made them giggle, and did not make them anxious.


Chocolope is a cross of Chocolate Thai and Cantaloupe Haze, both reg and fem seeds are available. It also is/was known as "D-Line" and is a cup winner (if that means anything, lol).


My word of advice...run it long (when you think it's time to whack, water it for another week then whack it). And yes, it has hints of Hershey chocolate Kisses (at least the cultivars I grew did).

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