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      First, I would like to thank the team here at OMMP PIF for their participation and generosity in assisting our members throughout the year.  Without your continued assistance, we would have needed to give up this dream of ours to help others acquire the knowledge to grow high-grade medical marijuana for themselves. 


      Over the past nine years, our organization has helped over 3500 members with free medication, gifts, plants, equipment, rides, social events, media, and far too much more to list. 


      While true, unfortunately, OMMP has declined from more than 78 thousand in 2015 to fewer than 25 thousand as of this writing. We feel we can still help those people wanting to grow cannabis without taxation or needing to report to the OLCC your plant numbers or intentions. 


      For us to continue on this journey, we need the support of all our members. Our running costs have dramatically increased over the years.


     So please, donate generously...it is your continued support that makes this wonderful site possible. 


Please contact me directly or use my PayPal account, ommpeddie@gmail.com 

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If we all help some, we can take care of it together.


Love the site.

California 215 compliant grow


Currently Growing: TW8-3 (White Nightmare x Blue Lime Pie)


Lighting:  start/veg 2 - 190w LUSH Herbal Vador 2x, 2 - 435w LUSH Lighting Dominator 2x

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