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Medical marijuana information bulletin 2019 – 06
due to the passing of HB 3200 and the 2019 legislative session, the Oregon medical marijuana program is coming out with a new version of the patient application and change form. The new form should be available mid-December.
Starting in 2020 all applications or change forms received by the OMMP where a grow site is designated must provide the name of the property owner. If the patient or grower is not the property owner, a grow site consent form signed by the property owner will be required in order to register the address.

If old versions of the application and change forms are received by OMMP after January 1, 2020, an incomplete letter will be sent to the patient requiring a property owner's information. This will not delay the patient receiving a 30-day receipt that allows them to access a dispensary before their card is issued, if the rest of the application is complete. If the gross site consent form is not received, the grower and the grow site will not be registered.
Please check the OMMP website for the new forms in mid-December. A version date of 12 2019 will appear at the bottom of the new forms.



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