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RESULTS RAW Donuts Mini Tray with Lid Bundle Giveaway #2

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RAW Donuts Tray Bundle

Rolling Paper Depot & OMMP Pay it Forward are Proud to announce our Summer Giveaway. 

Pick a number between 2 -1710

The closest to the number (Without going over.) WINS.

Contest ends Friday, July 26th between 7 and 7:30 PM


(Additional samplers can be found and bought on our friend's website)





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Just a short 'thank you' and follow-up to the prizes.


First, thank you for the fast delivery, they were here faster than I imagined.


Opening the box was lots of fun (and the cat enjoyed the empty box).


Next, the tray and magnetic cover, while large, it's great, cover keeps dust/crap and pet hair out and needed things nicely inside, it's also nice to have a good work area the the rounded corners are great, nothing gets stuck in a corner.


Had some real fun with the 20 (assorted size cone package) and combine that with the cone loader, made it real easy to load some cones, I made a couple the day it arrived for a friend who marveled at them.


The roll of hemp wick is also great, I have only had sample sizes of it before, better than continued use of a lighter for a bowl.


The wallet is also nice, foil lined to keep things fresh, with another pocket for accessories, and the elastic outside to keep it closed for storage and transport.


An extra lighter is always nice.


Anyway, THANK YOU  to everyone involved and Rolling Paper Depot for being a sponsor.




California 215 compliant grow


Currently Growing: White Nightmare


Lighting:  start/veg 2 - 190w LUSH Herbal Vador 2x, 2 - 435w LUSH Lighting Dominator 2x

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