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Comet 46P/Wirtanen

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Hello everyone:

I wanted to post a photo of the comet that is now in our vicinity and is close enough to be visible with the naked eye, although you will be able to see it with greater detail with a pair of binoculars (or a telescope, of course).  The attached photo was taken by an "all-sky" camera just a few nights ago in Huntsville, Texas and was edited and sent to me by Mr Michael Prokosch.  The "all-sky" camera takes panoramic images (aka "fisheye" lens)....typically this camera is used by the members of the Huntsville Amateur Astronomy Society (HAAS) to be able to remotely view the weather conditions at the observatory to see whether the sky is clear enough to justify a trip to the observatory.  In this case it captured the dim image of the comet (highlighted in a yellow ellipse in the image).


This comet is still visible and is moving eastward in the sky.  Weather permitting, I encourage anyone who has an interest to take a look outside to see it.  If you Google "46P/Wirtanen", there will be a lot of sites describing exactly how to find it, but it is not difficult at all, being visible under darker skies (away from cities and towns) whenever the constellation "Orion" is visible, which is visible here in Oregon in the early evening to midnight.1115693322_Comet46PWirtanen.jpg.89dd53aedd8a2598b6ee70a47553fc3c.jpg

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