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Measure 18-112 Explained: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Klamath Falls

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Measure 18-112 Explained: Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Klamath Falls

Here are arguments for and against the measure.

Posted: Nov. 1, 2018 6:44 PM
Updated: Nov. 1, 2018 6:47 PM


KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- Klamath Falls residents are voting whether to allow recreational marijuana sales within city limits.


Edward Medina, Jr. is the owner and person responsible for distribution at A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives LLC in Klamath Falls, one of the few remaining medical marijuana retailers licensed by the state. ...


He supports the passage of Measure 18-112, which would allow him to get a license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to sell recreational and medicinal marijuana.


For him, it’s necessary to keep his business alive, as the number of state-licenses processors are decreasing, as they move from medicinal to recreational cannabis. This means the product available for him to sell is disappearing......




If Measure 18-112 passes, it would do three things:

• Remove a 2015 ban on recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers within city limits,
• Impose a 3 percent tax on the sale of marijuana items by recreational marijuana retailers in the city, and,
• Establish an advisory committee to the Klamath Falls City Council to advise on policies and regulations about the marijuana industry.

“The options that the state has left us is to go recreational, or go home,” Medina said.







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The Klamath County Sheriff Chris Kaber says it’ll be harder to find illegal marijuana grows if the legal stuff is allowed in.


I guess it's to hard call a number to see if the grow in question is registered to medical or rec like the rest of the state can do.


He says“"The black market is much larger in Klamath County than people realize,” Kaber said. “Wherever you're trying to mix legal with illegal -- it does happen; it’s happening right now -- it makes the illegal harder to identify."


That's because after M91 passed, your county made it nearly impossible for legal cannabis businesses to enter and opened the door with a huge neon sign for the black market basically saying come here. We in the cannabis community either medical or rec warned you of this years ago.


Other organizations are opposed to the measure, saying it’ll harm graduation rates, increase emergency room visits, and harm property value.


The graduation rates have been low well before cannabis entered the legal rec market.


Increased ER visits are mostly people who don't understand how THC is released when smoking, vape or eatables. They eat too much before the THC can be felt then they freak out. When all is needed is stay home, lay down, drink lots of water, and take a long nap. You'll be very rested after.


Harm property value, I would think this is more of a scare tactic. I've lived next to a meth dealer and imo that harms property value even more then a foreclosed empty house. My neighborhood had both at the same time.  A meth dealer kills the friendly neighborhood where kids play in the street while their parents watch their kids and talk to neighbors, people work on the front yards, and everyone feels safe. It turns into a high traffic area where they don't slow down, or stop at the stop signs. It goes on at all hours of day and night. Lots of yelling and fights (with themselves, their supplier, and anyone who stood in their way. One time I watched him beat up his trash can, and walk off proudly). Increased theft and vandalism (not just front yard, backyard too. I caught them and my dog kept them at bay). They'd steal from neighbors and what they couldn't they sale in a illegal and dangerous bond fire. This brings in less then desirable people in the area where parents have to make sure no one is pepping in their daughter's window. That actually happened.  That dealer had a dangerous dog that almost bite every member of my family. When that dog was released in their backyard, I'd hear the door open then that dog would growl and bark as he charged and hit the fence. The fence line would shake, my dog would get in front of me in a protective stance, and I have pepper spray in one hand and something sharp in the other.  I have compounded PTSD and this did not help it. That dog broke threw 1 section of fence (do you really think they fixed it or their landlord cared? No) for my side and almost bit my other half within inches, and the neighbor on the other side of them where their dog was within inches of biting their 3 year old daughter. That dog would charge people walking down the street, and try to break threw the glass window to get out. We got death threats since we were the only ones willing to fight. Really, I still have the recording. We tried to get the other neighbors involved, but no one wanted to help to get these scumbags out. The only thing their landlord cared about was the rent was being paid. They always made sure the dog was out when he came to collect it. We were laughing at him when it took him 3 months to restore the property just for the damage. The house has to gutted after they left. After years of this, they finally moved because their costumes didn't want to come over (losing profit, higher costs). My security system got an upgrade due to their dog. We wanted to document it, but learned they where dealing a white powder.  My cams recorded them, I wrote down the license plate number, description of vehicle and people and gave it to the local police on a regular basis. I was even able to ID their suppler that came up every two weeks and give this to the police. They covered their license plates, but I already had it and passed that along to the police. Now think about living next to this for years while you have medical grows going, kids to raise and pets to care for. Legal cannabis grows don't do this, if any like myself we try to keep our neighborhood safe and friendly.


Classy, sassy, and a bit of a smart assy

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