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Brother Will


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Bags of Weed A Jamaican walks into a bank with a 25kg bag of marijuana and hands it over to the cashier...


Shocked, the cashier asks...' What's this for?' The Rastafarian replies... 'Me here to open a joint account.'


2. Your Turn...  Thanks Very Much-So Kind Of You. Peace/Happiness And W/O This Almost 100 F. Weather.


We'll Completely Understand If You Want To Wait.


Thus Far---> I've Heard And Seen Every Weather Forecast From The High 70's To About Mid-Late 80's.


The First I Heard Was How Much Colder Our Winters May Be. But Now On The Reverse:


Heat Like This Close To 100 F Constantly Every Summer. The Native Americans


Were The Nicest People I Had Ever Met... These Hard Working Native Americans Were Proud

And Could Land Salmon That Were Over 6 & 1/2 Ft To 7 + And Beyond. My Dad And His 6 Brothers Were All Over 6ft.


Yeah 7ft...  Brothers Who Came To Oregon. They Were Involved In Investing, Large Trucking, Medicine, Farming,


Mink Ranching, Cows To Supply Tillamook With A Vast Amount Of Milk... Also Connected Up With Legit Friends In The


Dairy And Meat Business. Always Working Daily If Need Be. It Was Cool To See My Dad's Uncle Who Took Us All Out


Crabbing Just About Every Summer. Weed Have A Ball-We Couldn't Do Anything Wrong-But Unfortunately, He Even


Stood Up Against My Dad. Little Did We Know He Put On That Sick Was The 2nd To Leave Us.


Sorry For A Part Of Size/All My Fault: I Do Hope I Made Some Sense ? Thanks To You All So Very Much And Especially


To Our SO Very Helpful Staff And Solid Members. Much Peace, BW







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