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Williams Wonder Strain Review, “Old man, come back!”

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What's the first thing you do when checking out your 'Buds'? You smell them. Our olfactory senses are the primary way we as humans determine whether something is good or not.


Upon opening the bag of Williams Wonder (aka willies wonder) I knew I was in for a delight, I loaded my bowl and up that miraculous valley. I went. Soon my mind was playing 'hooky'. All evidence of time lost in the clouded room. The once packed bowl empty. "As how?" said I,


Our friend @Purple Power  has shown us some talents through this one strain.


Of color--crimson, emerald, cobalt, ochre, amber,
honey splashed with port wine, snow white, vermilion, lemon, and
silver gray.




Taste: this strain also has notable danky and floral flavors The texture is very unique and sticky. it was like looking at diamonds all sprinkled on a pretty little bud.


Likes: It is 100% Indica. Long lasting high, followed by deep slumber. This unquestionably left me wanting to come back. 


Smells are surer than sounds or sights
To make your heart-strings crack—
They start those awful voices o’nights
That whisper, “Old man, come back!”


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