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Brother Will

Appliance Store/Owner/Stoner/TV...

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I Found This Funny And Harmless/Hope You Like This One Too:


Appliance Store:


A stoner walks into an appliance store and asks the owner,

"How much for that TV set in the window?"

The owner looks at the TV set, then looks at the stoner, and says, "I don't sell stuff to potheads.""

So the stoner tells the owner that he'll quit smoking pot and will come back the next week to buy the TV.

A week later, the stoner comes back and says, "I quit smoking pot. Now, how much for that TV set in the window?"

And the store owner says, "I told you I don't sell to potheads!"

So the stoner leaves again. He comes back a week later and says, "How much for that TV?"

The owner says, "I'm not going to tell you again, I don't sell to potheads!"

The giggling stoner looks back at the owner and says, "How can you tell I'm a pothead?"

The owner looks back and says, "Because that's a microwave." 


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