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Brother Will

Sesame Street Kermit Being Held With Intent To Toke Trashcan Occupant

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NEWS FLASH ! This Just In... On This Day->July 28, 2018/Late Edition:


Many Never Thought It Would Come To This New Form Of Green Cannibalism.


Kermit Has Been Taken To  Lily Pad Correctional Institute  For Clinical Observation.


Even Though Kermit Will Be On Canna Thought Probation/He's Not To  Hang With Anyone


Who Remotely Resembles The Grouch. Kermit Will Not Be Able To Go To Any Private, Or


Public Establishment-e.g. Dispensaries-{Medicinal And Recreational} Or Via Mail/Packages


Delivered. That Goes Along With Family Monitoring Canna Phone Calls.


We Don't Mean To Be So Harsh-But If We Don't Stop This Phenomenon Immediately...


The Next Thing We'll See Are Those Who Don't Believe In Santa Claus Either--->  Ho Ho Ho !!!  


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