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Hi Everyone And I'll Make It As Brief As Possible:
When Other Members Introduced Themselves To Me, They Let Me Know There
Are Approx 4-6 Or More Of Us Here In Oregon Or More. My Question Is This:
I'm Trying My Best To Find The Best Dry Extraction Afghani Hash And Or
A Nice Clean Bubble Hash Or A Co2 Extraction.
The Reason Why I Ask Is Not To Profit In Any Way Shape Or Form.
It's Because With So Much Pain.  Along With Advanced COPD I've Had To
@ First Switch Over From Straight Flower {After Most Of My Life} To $15
$16 A Gram {Lab-Tested Shatter}. The Only Benefit I've Received Is This
Gram Lasted Me For Something Like 2 Weeks By Using It More And More
Like A Medicine Embedded In My Cannabis Or Straight. 
Another Reason I Ask About A Purer, Cleaner Hashish Is Because With My DDD
& Levoscoliosis Shaking Rapidly And Using The Top Half Of My Torso Has Greatly
Weakened My Muscle System/Joint Pain. And Then After All That Shaking The
Pain Becomes Beyond What I Can Somewhat Keep In Check..
My Attention Span And Cognition With Retention Is Far Worse Than I Ever
Anticipated This Soon. However, Anything That Can Be Implemented Fairly
Soon I Will Make Sure Of Any And All Legalities. And If Nobody Wants Anything
To Do With This Request... Please Know I'll More Than Understand The Reasons.
I'm So Tired Searching For Kief Or To Be Able To Grow Enough Flower In Order
To Make Killer Kief And Then Make Very Decent Hash {Not That Adulterated
Mess} With Leftovers As Dark As Pitch In A Bowl With Harsh Clumps Of Flower
That It's Flame Seemingly Won't Go Out Until It's Covered And Put Out.
If I've Made A Request That's Incorrect Here, Please Staff Can You Take This
Post Down ? I'm Not At All Trying To Make Anyone Uneasy... But After Using
Concentrates Off & On For A Couple Of Months. Some Of Those Extractions
Can Be Tricky To Pick Out.
Also... I Thank You For Any Good Advice Or Someone Who Can Give Me A Bit
Of Direction. In A Nutshell, The Cleaner The Kief/Hash Is... The Better For My
Overall Health And Pain Relief.
No Hurry And Again... Please Just Don't Answer This Post If I've Asked Wrong
Or Have Freaked Anyone Out-> Not Ever Were These My Intentions.
Take Great Care Sisters And Brothers...
Much Peace, Happiness, Fine Health And Always Much Love Sent,
Thank You So Much From A Super Grateful Brother Will.

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