Hey guys I'm starting this thread as a place for those interested in learning about how they can start growing organically and get away from bottled nutrient! Increasing you health, potency flavor and reducing the amount of money on inputs for the garden. I have been thankful to be friends with some very knowledgeable people and have gained a good amount of knowledge from them as well as learned how to apply it myself!   So my goal is to help others on the path to organics and towards better health for you! I believe in living organic soil and working with microorganisms to help break down organic matter and make it into plant available nutrients this way you are not measuring Nutrients and checking PH or PPMs! Utilizing the proper soil mix ratio as well as good quality soil ingredients will ensure you get started the right way. I do have a recipe I would like to share, this recipe is from a good friend of mine that taught me Alot of what I know about living organic soil and still helps me to this day! Even helped with my most recent batch of soil which came out great!   So I'll get this started with this introduction post and then within the next day or two I will put up a soil mix recipe as well! And then we will get going from there! Here's my Hell's angel OG in  the new soil mix I made up! Just a example of the health were looking for in our plants and this is just the start!