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Nectar anyone?!:)

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Hey good folks of pif!  Kind of just like saying that...pif...pif...pif...think that's going to become part of my vocabulary:)


Well...we join this previously scheduled program already in progress.  


This is Nectar.  She's happy to meet you:) Have only been playing with her for about a year so we're still getting to know her.  


She seem to eat well, is not overly finicky.  Stinks to all get out in veg...smell of flowers is hard to contain.  My first thought when smoking was fruity pop rocks with a sprite soda back.  Very crisp.  Not the most potent but the terps are something to write home about.  You can taste the smoke in your throat and lungs!  She's a joy:)


She came to me with an unkown background.  Since then i have only been able to find her once online at a site called allbud.  Says the parents are bubba x paris og.  Not sure if that is fact or sure if its from a fem cross or not.  Either way, I'll be chucking some pollen to see what other flavors she'll gift us:)  


This lovely lady is in a 30-35ish gallon pot of used roots organic.  


Approximately five gallons of a home made fruit based compost was mixed in a week before transplant and has been fed nothing else but a bit of liquid kelp in her water.


If anyone has any info about Nectar I'd love to hear it.  She's a bit of a mystery to me.


Hope alls well:)


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I'm so happy for everyone able to grow outdoors this year, We can not so I'll be living vicariously thru your journals.



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A little nectar update.  Not the best pic because it was early morning (and heavy dew)  and...my phone camera skills are crappy...didn't even get the top of her!  The pic in the first post was early evening. Will try for a better pic next weekend. 


She's still rocking despite dealing with a heavy marine layer every morning and even had a few night time lows in the upper 30's into June.  


The nectar is still in testing...she finished well last year in the ground so we're giving her a pot trial.   :)...pot trial😂



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We're SO Blessed Being Able To See Your Grows...{If Possible} With All Who Went Outdoors This Year/Pictures Or Not.}


Yours Are Just Great-No Worries. I'm Struggling To Get Better And Simple, Brief But Quick And To The Point Pix Of Only My Experience..



Yes Sir... Your Plants Are Just Kick'in ! Again... This Will Be A Pleasure To Watch Everyone's Posts ! 


Nice Matching 'Canna' Camo Blending In So Well With The Surrounding Plants-NICE !/Tall Grasses


Just Perfect !  Thanks Very Much Brother 'O' And To Everyone Grow'in And Along For The Ride ! Hope To Catch Up !


'Tis The Season Ahhh-com'in Fast For Some.


Timing Seems To Also Be Pretty Close... {Course I Haven't Seen Everyone's Grow/But At Least 3 Or 4 Now} 


Keep Up Your Skills And May You And Your Grow'in Green Medicine Not Have Any Problems That Can't Easily Be Nipped In The Bud !


{Preventativitive Is Next To Godliness} Or Caught Safely Long  Before It Becomes Any Problem.  GREAT Job Brother 'O' ! Thanks Very Much.


{Hope The Above Made Any Sense ?-All With The Best Of Intentions-But Please Let Me Know ?} Peace, Brother Will.../I'll Come Back Bro And


Get Rid Of Most Of This Above Tak'in Up Space On Your Topic. /Thanks So Much For Everyone's Patience And Support.. Peace, BW...🍃:)🍃



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On 7/15/2018 at 3:09 AM, Oregonak said:

...pot trial😂


Got any updates for us? Anxious to see how things are progressing. 

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