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US Veteran’s Battle: Get VA to Accept Marijuana for PTSD Treatment

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US Veteran’s Battle: Get VA to Accept Marijuana for PTSD Treatment



Mike Krawitz, 56, is a disabled US Air Force veteran who believes in medical cannabis’ ability to save lives by keeping people off the drugs with dangerous and deadly side effects — primarily opioids.


Krawitz believes there is a correlation between the number of opioid prescriptions and suicides among veterans.


“Use cannabis, die less,” Krawitz told Marijuana.com, his tone completely serious. “The scientific community has confirmed that cannabis saves lives by avoiding overdoses. VA [Veterans Administration] doctors know this but are obliged not to recommend cannabis for pain and PTSD. And that is unethical....







Classy, sassy, and a bit of a smart assy

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Really Enjoyed This Post... 3 GI's  I Knew Took Their Lives. From Roughly 2000 On...

The VA Was Handing Out Opiates, Benzos And Assorted Deadly Pharmaceuticals

Like Candy. 


The US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Suicide Prevention 2016 report found that an average of 20 veterans committed suicide each day in 2014.

According to a VA report last year, risk of suicide among veterans is about 22 percent higher than among non-veterans. And while the number of drug overdoses

among veterans is not clear, the high amount of veterans taking their own lives is enough for veterans like Krawitz to fight for alternative treatments.

To Krawitz, the number of lives lost to overdoses and suicides feels similar to casualties during wartime.

“We should run a body count ticker in the media, like they do in times of war, to keep a running count of the numbers of veterans who commit suicide,” Krawitz suggested.



When The VA Hurt, Then Killed My Dad... I Knew I Was In The Wrong Place/I'd Never Seen My Dad Cry Ever Except For The Day They Did A Radical

Procedure. He Gripped My Hand Like It Was Going To Break-He Wasn't Crying Like Actual Crying Just Tears Would Roll Down His Face. He Was A Tough Man Too.

His Prognosis Was Bad/So I Got Him Out Of His Single Apt And Brought Him Home. 3 Months Later... He Passed And Undermedicated Too.

I Was BEYOND Mad, Hurt And Caused Quite The Scene. After I Lost Me Dad {WW2-Vet} So Many Times I Wanted To OD. 


That's All I Have To Say About That... Thanks Very Much For This Posting. Sincerely, BW

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