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Purple Power

Arizona Governor Greenlights Industrial Hemp Farming Pilot Program

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Arizona Governor Greenlights Industrial Hemp Farming Pilot Program

It’s official: Hemp is coming to Arizona. And with it comes big money and agricultural opportunities for the state.


Burgess Powell



Hemp, once grown around the world, has been persecuted for decades. But Arizona lawmakers are working to bring this versatile crop back. This week, the governor of the Grand Canyon state just re-legalized hemp farming. Here’s a closer look at the pilot program laying the seeds for economic growth.

Hemp Has Been Illegal Since 1937

1937 was a fateful year for marijuana and its non-psychoactive sister plant, hemp. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 outlawed the cultivation of all cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. Since then, the two plants have been indistinguishable from a legal standpoint, despite their significant differences.....






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