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Purple Power

There Are 2 Men Named Sessions Who Hate Marijuana.

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There Are 2 Men Named Sessions Who Hate Marijuana.



The chair of the House Rules Committee, Texas Republican Rep. Pete Sessions, may face an uphill re-election battle this November in his bid to retain his influential position, partly because of one cannabis reform activist and his new super PAC.


Rob Kampia, a co-founder and former executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, is spearheading an effort to unseat Sessions. As chair of the Rules Committee, Sessions has systematically blocked bipartisan legislation intended to provide safe harbor for medical cannabis states, their businesses, and patients who use cannabis medicinally.


“[Sessions] is in fact what I call a sphincter who is constipating the process,” Kampia told the Washington Examiner.


The super PAC, Texans Removing Outdated and Unresponsive Politicians, was initially started by Kampia after he left the Marijuana Policy Project in 2017. The new super PAC hopes to raise roughly a half-million dollars in support of candidates representing the Democratic and Libertarian parties....









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