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These 6 Industries Don’t Want Hemp Legalized

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These 6 Industries Don’t Want Hemp Legalized

Not everyone is a hemp fan. Especially these major players. These industries don’t want hemp legalized because it stands to threaten their power.





It’s been less than a decade since the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, and we’re still suffering from its restrictive decision. Obviously, the act directly affected those who enjoy the calming effects of the plant we all know and love, cannabis. But it similarly constrained the use of one mighty crop: hemp. Hemp can be used in the production of many things—paper, textile, plastics, building materials, food products and fossil fuels. In an era concerned about sustainability, the economy, and the environment, hemp could be the savior. Currently, just hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is expected to earn $3.1 billion over the next three years. However, the industries that produce the things hemp could replace don’t see the plant as the godsend it is. Rather, because they threaten their foreseeable futures, these industries don’t want hemp legalized.


1. Non-Organic Cotton

Cotton has long received attention as the “fabric of our lives”. This likely is due to the fact that hemp has stayed so long in the agricultural closet, wasting away its potential. Non-Organic cotton— which we can find in anything from our American Apparel tee shirts, yoga pants, ankle socks and more— is a prime enemy of hemp legalization. That’s because hemp outperforms non-organic cotton on many accounts....





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