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How do you consume cannabis?

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How do you consume cannabis?  

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  1. 1. How do you consume cannabis?

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I consume cannabis in many ways. For quick relief, I'll opt for smoking a joint, bong, or pipe. I used to use a bubbler, but my disowned kid stole/broke it. That wasn't the reason for being disowned. I make and use Salves, infused oils, medibles and drinks.


Classy, sassy, and a bit of a smart assy

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My Youngest Has Gone Through Everything Ever Made In The Way Of A Vessel That Is The Best Thing For His Lungs.


Everything From A Volcano, Other Various Vapes, Bongs, Bubblers {Oh Man, In Order To Stop Him From Getting And Breaking Another Bubbler}


We Bought Him This Way Cool Multi-Colored Psychedelic Silicone Bong With A Dab Attachment For His Birthday And I Believe One Other Attachment ?


With This One... No Way Can He Break It Lol ! Very Nice... You Make SO Many Neat Things Purple... Drooling Will.


Looks Like Pipes Are The Ticket ! Thank You Very Much. BW



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