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How To Make Weed-Infused Matcha Tea

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How To Make Weed-Infused Matcha Tea

The only thing even better than a matcha latte is a weed-infused matcha tea latte!


Burgess Powell


Tea time and 420 are close together for a reason. With all the hype around matcha and marijuana’s incredible health benefits, the two make a perfect pairing. Here’s how to make weed-infused matcha tea that’s as green as it gets.

Benefits of Matcha

Matcha has been getting a lot of press lately, and not without reason. Matcha is a powdered green tea originally from Japan. It contains the whole plant leaf, as opposed to just infusing the hot water with tea leaves.


Matcha’s health benefits are manifold. Since it contains the whole tea leaf, you’re absorbing an incredible amount of antioxidants. Some estimate that matcha contains 137 times the number of antioxidants than regular green tea!


In addition to antioxidants’ ability to lower cholesterol and blood sugar and prevent cancer, matcha will also speed up your metabolism. Just like weed, matcha can contribute to weight loss, and can promote a feeling of calm.

Benefits of Mary Jane

It feels like new studies discover more about medical marijuana every day. To date, the herb can treat a variety of difficult symptoms and illnesses, ranging from seizures to addiction.......






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