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Purple Power

Beneficial: Predator Neoseiulus californicus

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Bug Bites for Bigger Buds: Predator Neoseiulus californicus


Predator Spotlight: Neoseiulus californicus (also known as Amblyseius californicus)


Pests Controlled: Spider Mites, Russet Mites, Broad Mites, Cyclamen Mites


The two most feared cannabis pests are 2 Spot Spider Mites and Russet Mites. Neoseiulus californicus are an excellent mite predator that loves to eat both. They have been used for decades to control Spider Mites, and have recently shown to be very effective against both Russet Mites and Broad Mites.


californicus survive in a wide range of environments. Their preference is warm and humid, but they can tolerate lower humidity and higher temperatures than some other predator mites. This makes them an excellent option for growers in Oregon. They can tolerate our heat and lower humidity. They reproduce best at temperatures up to 95 degrees, but can survive and feed in temperatures upwards of 110 degrees. N. californicus eggs are oval in shape and larger than a Spider Mite egg. At 77 degrees their eggs hatch in 2 days. Average temperatures above 77 degrees will speed up their reproduction. Females lay over 3 eggs per day on average and over 40 eggs during her lifetime. It typically takes 5 days to go from egg to adult......








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