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in need of a cloner?

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3 woody Kromeheads bathing in powerclone juice in an aero cloner, 6/6 of LSD x Alien4, from beans,looking for gals, and 3 of Humboldt Express x Alien4,also from beans. the Alien4 male came with a great rep,, These crosses came from a great pal who made the crosses. and got the Alien4 male from obsoul long time ago. The Humboldt Express Im a lil scared of, its the E32 Trainwreck crossed with an authentic Thai, ala BillyGoat x the Alien4, I hope to get a gal and get some cuts out, I wonder if that one wouldn't be one to get out early, even in OR, hehe. for outside just to see what happens and let her finish as late as possible. I realize some of these will be untested cuts when and if I get em out and about, that's the plan. Its a persons choice if they have the time, room or numbers to try. that's all I got. The alien technology4 is alien technology x Chem4, the main one you see these days, very good, ala AlienDog, etc is Alien Technology x ChemD. Alien technology is supposed to be a really good affie. I love really good affies

sorry guys, I got excited bout the plants, I know Im off topic, apologies, won't happen again:hungrey_smiley:

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